Glafira's Art Studio

"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working" - Pablo Picasso

I invite you to the wonderful world of art!

Discover your child talents and develop his/her skills.

Children will enjoy drawing their favourite subjects, such as animals, flowers, cartoons, portraits, human figures and much more! They will study the techniques of the great artists; we will reveal their unique approach to artistic styles.

We teach specific light effects, blending, shading and other advanced methods.

We prepare professional portfolios that meet the standards of reputable art colleges.

We also offer Russian language classes for children.

Glafira Marin, teacher.

Cars of the Future contest is over!

The competent jury determined the winners of the contest:

First place (9-12 years): Agar O and Natali S, Shai G.

First place (5-8 years): Aliza K, Eden Sh, Daniela K.

Most Original Works: Alice M, Anna S, Yulia T, Maya M.

Most Skillfully-Drawn Works: Alexander K, Dima S.

Most Artistic Works: Anna L, Polina R.

Participation prizes will be recieved by: Amy K, Gloria J, Anna K, Vlada Z, Meloni M, Daniel R, Yaron K, Dana S, Daniela R, Lera N, Daniel S and Maxim A.

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Featured Student Works