Glafira's Art Studio

"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working" - Pablo Picasso

Glafira Marin, teacher

I always loved to draw. My first teacher was my mom, a professional artist and art teacher herself. Since she bought me my first water colour set, I never stopped drawing.

After Architectural College where I studied design, I tried myself in different artistic techniques, such as interior design, ceramics, water colour, silk painting, acrylic and computer animation.

With my first teaching experiences I realized how interesting is to discover children creativity, and give children implementing their ideas. Now, after many years of teaching art, I am happy to see how my students advance in their artistic skills, how they learn to use art styles and techniques.

Techniques and pictures we do

In my studio we use different techniques and styles: water colour, acrylic, colour pencils, pencil, guache, plasticine and more.

Throughout the year, we learn many different subjects: the human figure and facial features, various animals and birds, flowers, still life, buildings (to study perspective), and abstract (drawing music).

My main principle is individual approach.

We study the techniques and styles of the great artists and use them in our works.

An ocean sunset in the style of Monet. My students learn how to create shadings from basic colours (yellow, red, blue and black and white) very quickly, and use them in their energetic works.


A still life in the style of Van Gogh. 

A castle on a mountain which is so high that even the clouds are lower (for a 5-year-old child, it is not that easy to paint such flags). 


 Here is a fine example of how I use stories to help my students with their works.
This still life is of a magical tablecloth on which food magically appears (a well-known Russian folktale). My students painted such still lifes with much more enthusiasm than if they had been told to paint just a boring still life.

 A portrait of a child's mother. We first draw a pencil portrait, second, we paint the same portrait with gouache, and then we compare the two. 

  It is very important to work with fine motorics, using plasticine and clay.

 I really love this painting, "A Personified Tree". 


 Here is another tree. 


 Pencil portraits. 

A still life and its metamorphose.